Best Indian Flag HD Images, Wallpapers, Photos – Free Download

The Indian national flag was honored and hoisted on the momentous day when India got freedom from the 200-year-old British rule, i.e. August 15, 1947. The flag is considered to be the most prestigious national symbol while symbolizing the great pride of the country. When the flag was first hoisted by late Jawaharlal Nehru in 1947, he stated that the flag is the symbol of freedom to all the people and the freedom for us as the country. The national flag is widely known and called as Tiranga as it holds the tri colour. It has equal proportion for the three colours placed horizontally where saffron is placed on the top while putting the whilte in the middle and green at the end. The middle white colour also has a blue 24 stroke wheel known as “Dharma Chakra” in navy blue.

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Best Indian Flag HD Images – Free Download

Best Indian Flag HD Wallpapers – Free Download

Best Indian Flag HD Photos – Free Download

Hoisting a national flag on certain days like Independence Day holds great importance but for a general public it is not possible. We bring to you the best solution and help you celebrate Independence Day with great pride and honor with our best Indian flag HD images, wallpapers and photos with an added benefit of free download.

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Make your social media a new medium to celebrate Independence Day on a large scale by posting beautiful HD Indian flag as wallpaper or photos and pay homage to the contributors for making the Independence moment possible. Images, pictures and wallpapers have no boundaries; therefore setting a wallpaper of an Indian flag will be no harm yet will help you wish Happy Independence Day to your near and dear ones. Make the most of our free download option available to download as many beautiful and creative best Indian flag HD images, wallpapers & photos.

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